It’s been a while..

It’s been a while..

Insert-Nirvana and a large Starbucks coffee…

It’s been way to long since I could sit down and actually type away about things that actually interest me. Gaining a full-time job really makes you put into perspective how you actually spend your time! Which is not a nice way to start off a blog post. Sorry! I’ve been trying to take time to go out and learn new things since being in California. Which I have actually passed my one year mark! I actually made it! Along the way I have met amazing friends and have been on quit a few adventures.I now have an apartment in West Hollywood, I got a full-time job at Nasty Gal, I have been as North as San Francisco and as South as San Diego. This year I plan on actually writing post about places I visit! Since I can’t go back in time, which is a thought no one should ever have, I have compiled a few photos for fun:

10410642_10155123535385433_5381846087940657889_n 10553433_10154353994550433_3883554110187352213_n 10366063_10154192176150433_2522301312182008496_n 10422975_10155123535450433_6886419671018706451_n 10458327_10154353994930433_680168805331225007_n 1382013_10154192176475433_150114909170300929_n 10011511_10155123535260433_7563371077615871638_n 10300954_10154353995250433_2735024658055982413_n 10394082_10155123535520433_1314245148229899150_n

When I get the chance I will post a little bit about Muir Woods/Big Sur/Orange County!

Till then CHAUUUUU

P.S- I go to Costa Rica at the end of this month so I will make sure to take a million photos and blow up everyones news feed via Instagram: Cristinajavi7 and Facebook



San Diego/Chula Vista, CA

It all started the other night when my friend Catalina and I were in the mood to listen to some chill music. Our first mutual response was “Iration” of course. If you’ve never heard them before I HIGHLY suggest you open up your Spotify and find out what you’ve been missing.I first heard Iration while living in Jacksonville, Fla. Living in a beachy surf town for two year you always see to learn about new artist that have amazing talent. Iration will immediately put you in an amazing mood, so in the midst of drinking some beers and jamming out we both came to the realization we HAD to see them live. I saw them last Fall in Jacksonville and they were absolutely amazing. Luckily, we found out they were playing that next weekend in San Diego a.k.a Chula Vista a.k.a the closest to Tijuana, Mexico I have ever been.


We immediately bought our tickets to the music festival, that also included Foster the People, Capitol Cities, 311 and Cherub (amongst others).

We left that Friday around noon but of course with California traffic, we didn’t make it until five that afternoon. We raced to the hotel, drank our sangria as fast as we could and headed to the outdoor arena. It was one of the prettiest arenas I had ever seen, you could see the mountains and the weather was warm yet had an amazing breeze.We saw a few bands before Iration and once they came on my day was made. Foster the People were amazing as well( they always put on a good show). It amazes me that just this past Fall I was seeing Iration in little ole Jacksonville, Fla. with a complete different mind set and now not even a year later I’m watching them live in California. My life will always be one crazy adventure.



(Somewhere near Mexico)


(Friends from LA)

(Some guys I met while I was overralling my way around the venue in Daisy overalls)

I had an amazing time getting out of LA for the night and cruising to a new place in California. On our way back we stopped in Newport and went to Balboa Island. To reach this Island we took a Ferry and walked around and I got my palm read and had amazing ice-cream.


Till next time, stay fun my friends


Coachella Round 1

After spending a month of letting the entire Coachella experience revolve around in my head I finally found the courage to write this post. When you have expectations this high of an experience you’ve been waiting for a year to go to, you have high hopes. Before you continue to read this post, don’t feel discouraged if you’ve never been to Coachella before. This is from an amateur point of view and I will be better prepared for next time.

So i’ll start with the basics, I went with my friend from Florida and her friend. First mistake, we did car camping. When you grow up in the humidity of Florida spending three days in a tent in the middle of one of the driest places ever, the desert, you’re body automatically goes into shock. The first day was the best day. Not only were we so stoked to see some good bands we all had good vibes going on. We thought we could take on car camping which was a big no no. The next morning after what we thought was an amazing day of drinking beer and riding the ferris wheel we woke up at 7 a.m. with a kick of heat right in the face. If you weren’t out of your tent by 9 a.m. you were either still passed out from all alcohol you drank or dead. (Which either way is not fun) We spent the next day trying to survive. We wanted to find civilization because we felt so gross from using port potties and wipes to clean the dust and dirt from out body, which i’m telling you is not a good look.


We took on this long 2 mile walk to a CVS in Indio,CA. It was the longest road and I felt like we would never arrive. Once we did it felt like heaven. We sat inside CVS in the air-conditioning for a while and decided to get food. I have amazing friends I have met in California that picked me up to take me to see Tiesto at the Hard Rock in Palm Springs which I will forever be grateful for. After going to Palm Springs I jumped on a bus (well basically snuck on) and headed back to Coachella. Once inside I saw a few good bands and hung out with my friends and it was just a relaxing rest of day. I left early because I was so dehydrated from sitting outside by the pool all day and decided to enjoy the music from the comfort of my own tent. Which at this point was good enough for me.

By the time Sunday rolled around we didn’t even know who we were. We felt like we just spent years in the desert and decided to leave early. I have never enjoyed a shower so much, a tall glass of ice water and my bed.


Now you might be thinking I had a terrible experience but I had an amazing time and already bought my Coachella 2015 ticket. Now that I know what to expect i’ll be prepared for the years to come.


Below are a few pictures I managed to take:



Wine Tasting in Malibu

A few weeks ago I had the luxury to celebrate one of my friends Birthday at Malibu Wines. Malibu Wines is surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains and gives you a feeling of being on vacation and amazing landscape for photos. Since I had never gone wine tasting before I arrived in a white dress and an open mind. One lesson learned, never wear white while tasting red wines. The weather in Southern California is always sunny with a cool breeze. The place was a cute outdoor area with chairs and places to bring blankets to sit with your friends.


Below are a few pictures from the day:







(I was wearing Diane von Furstenberg dress,shoes and bag)


The day was spent surrounded by the perfect company and the best white wine I have ever tasted. Along with wine, they also offer sangria tasting as well as mimosa tasting.




Avocados have always been one of my favorite vegetables of all time. Not only is it filling, it contains so many nutrients and essential oils for your body that help contribute to your everyday health. After moving to California, I have eaten over 30 avocados. You can find them just about anywhere and for an inexpensive price. I researched a few recipes for my abundance of avocado use so I decided to make a list of all the many ways you can incorporate avocado into your diet.


1) Quinoa Recipe from “Free People Blog”




2)Avocado Salsa




3)Chocolate Avocado Smoothie




4) Avocado Stuffed Portabellos:




5) Bake “Fried” Avocado





You can add avocado as a side dish to any meal. It goes well with breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes. Along with meals, you can use this vegetable as a hair mask to replenish your dry hair.


I’m always trying to find new ways to stay healthy. After moving to California I feel like I have been slacking on my health freak life style. I mean here we have in and out burger and Mexican food carts on every corner you can’t blame me!


I decided to kick my bad habits in the butt and got a groupon for 30 yoga/pilates classes. I started a new detox tea called Ultra Slim and I hope to get back into shape. 

During my 30-Day Detox plan I hope to tone up my body and lose fat.

I made a list of rules to follow by which I hope will inspire all of you that are trying to detox and have a healthier lifestyle:


1) No eating after 6 p.m. 

2) No breads/pastas/Gluten. Not only is gluten terrible for you it makes you bloated. No one wants to feel bloated throughout the day!

3) Detoxing tea during weekdays and drinking eight glasses of water a day! (This is really hard to do so i’ll try my best)

4) Eat more veggies! I want to incorporate more vegetables in my diet like: Cauliflower,zucchini, broccoli and squash

5) STOP EATING JUNK FOOD! I am a sucker for frozen yogurt and anything chocolate.

6) Go to yoga three times a week and cardio three times a week.


I’m 5’10 and weigh 136 pounds. I hope that at the end of this detox I lose 10 pounds and not be so exhausted and lazy all the time.


I made a playlist to motivate along the way:

1) Kanye West-Black Skinhead

2)Borgore.Miley Cyrus-Decisiions

3) A$AP Ferg-Shabba

4)M.I.A-Bad Girls Remix

5) Dj fresh Diplo-Earthquake

6)A$AP Rocky- Peso


8) Bastille- Bad Bloodz (Remix)

9) Empire of the Sun- DNA (Remix)





I will be posting before and after pictures and throughout the month!

Wish me luck!



Things I love:

I decided to get in the “Valentines Mood” by making a fun list of 10 things I love. Valentines day is meant to tell/show your loved ones just HOW much you love them. I obviously love all my family and friends, and dog Theodore, but I wanted to make a list of things I currently am obsessed with.

In no particular order:

1) It’s always hard to find the perfect “Nude” nail polish. Essie did it again with their new Resort Color ” Cocktails and Coconuts”.  This polish is perfect for everyday wear and is definitely going to be my go to polish this Spring/Summer.


2) I love drinking refreshing and fruity drinks! My really close friend and I always love hanging out and drinking different types of wines and sangrias. One day we came across “Maria Ole” from Trader Joes. It’s a dark purple color and comes in a  plastic bottle, that makes it iffy, but is totally worth it! It has a fruity taste and doesn’t have a strong wine taste to it. Next time you have a party add some fresh seasonal fruit and your set to go!


3) I personally could drink tea all day. Not only does it make it easier to drink your eight glasses of water a day, it helps you detox. I tend to drink tea mostly at night before I go to sleep, which is why I love this caffeine-free detox tea. It’s easy to drink and helps you get rid of toxins throughout the day.

Triple Leaf Tea Ultra Slim Tea

4) Growing up in Florida i’m constantly on the lookout for the best sun products. Lately my go to suntanning lotion has been Maui Babe. It has a dark tint to it that adds to your tan in miraculous ways, it also helps that it smells like a perfect summer beach day!

2010 0801 Maui Babe Brownining Lotion

5) If I don’t write about my love for my iPhone this list wouldn’t be complete. I absolutely adore my iPhone. Not only do I get to stay in contact with my friends and family, it helps me keep memories.

6) Along with “things” I wanted to add an artist I currently love. Bastille has been on repeat on my Spotify. Their music is a perfect blend. You can start and end your day with them. Below is a YouTube link to their complete “Bad Blood” album. Enjoy!

7)Noone likes chapped lips! I love Nivea lip balm. I’m a really simple lip balm girl when it comes to different flavors so I always stick to the basics. Keep your lips perfect during the winter/summer.


8) Voluspa Candles can make an entire room smell fresh. I got one this past Christmas and I am absolutely obsessed. They last forever and smell delicious!

voluspa-3-wick-candle-truffle-white-cocoa19) No doubt about it, I simply LOVE/OBSESSED with my only form of transportation, my Toyota Highlander. Not only did it transport me from Florida to California, she helps me out everyday.I named her Daisy after having her for a few days and I couldn’t think of a better name.02toyota 02highlander

10) Coffee is the reason I exist. Every morning I have my cup of coffee and can’t wait to begin my day. I drink every type of coffee drink possibly made, from cappuccinos to lattes, give me caffeine and I’m a happy girl.